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Ethos M.C.

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Let it be heard:EMC
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this is a community for the the ex/will be students of ethos music camp hosted by csuchico too keep in touch with each other and reminisce. keep it clean and we'll keep you in. see you guys next summer... "keep rockin' in the free world"--red hot chili peppers.

what is ethos?

The prevailing doctrine of ethos, was based on the belief that music has a direct effect upon the soul and actions of mankind. The Doctrine maintained that different types of music could affect human behavior. For example, music in the Dorian mode would cause persons to become reasonable and contemplative. Conversely, music in the Phrygian mode would cause persons to become passionate or belligerent.

what is ethos music camp?
--- a message from camp director; zach smith ---
Performing and playing music has a positive influence on the lives of youth, giving valuable skills that stretch beyond the bounds of music into facets of everyday life. The opportunity to learn and become confident as a musician, to understand the language of music, and to perform in front of audiences and peers are all areas we feel are important to developing young musicians. Giving confidence, an understanding of the fundamentals, and providing a creative outlet for aspiring artists in a fun and exciting environment, is the vision we have for Ethos Music Camp. Intensive musical training and emphasis on live performance are aspects of musicianship that we strive to make available to Ethos students.

[this info was taken from the camp's site: www.csucchico.edu/mus/ethos]