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could someone do me a BIG favor?.... [Oct. 7th, 2004|10:16 am]
Let it be heard:EMC


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if anyone has and extra copy of the first ethos (2003) cd, could i have it or could some burn me a copy?

i'll pay for postage or whatever, no biggie but i just want that CD.

hit me up and i'll give you my address. oh and my number is 5308941660, i don't care if anyone calls me.

From: opressed_logic
2004-10-07 04:40 pm (UTC)
I could do it for you sanni...i do live about 10 minutes away. I could just drop it off after school someday
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[User Picture]From: masanni4
2004-10-07 04:55 pm (UTC)
yeah, cool, that'll wrk too ad. thanks :-D you got the number? 5308941660.
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